Les vitrines de Cancale

Le Bazar Parisien



Le Bazar Parisien, a family institution for more than a century, welcomes you in the heart of the town !

At the helm for 45 years, Marie-Francoise has followed her grandmother, the founder, then her parents, and is deeply attached to the shop, supported by her daughter Marie-Laure.

Come and see the new collections of ready to wear and accessories : Lola Espeleta, Nymph, and Kaffé which bring freshness and joie de vivre to brighten your day; and as always Sable et Mer, for everyone and Petits Coeurs à la Mer, for children.

For presents you’ll still find the delights of Mathilde, Amadeus, Sema, Faye, Le Jardin d’Ulysse, as well as maritime themed brands.

  • 02 99 89 62 97
  • 42, rue du Port
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